Should Baruch Spinoza have a day honored in his name?

Spinoza was a Jewish-Dutch philosopher ZWhen a particular day dedicated to a person as an honor which is mostly the day he/she was born is a great honor. This is to recognize the person’s good deeds that helped us shape a better future. It also makes that person an eternal memory. The question here is should there be a day dedicated to Baruch Spinoza?

Baruch Spinoza was a Jewish-Dutch philosopher who was considered to be one of the great rationalists of the 17th-century philosophy. Spinoza had a reputation for his philosophy that held modern biblical criticism. His ideas were highly controversial that were questioning the authenticity of the Hebrew Bible and presented pretty controversial views about God. He was openly excommunicated and was blocked by the Jewish religious officials of that day. His books were actually added in the “Index of the Forbidden Books” section by the Catholic Church despite his fallout with the Synagogue.

Spinoza denied the immorality of the soul and rejected the notion of providential God. He also claimed that the law was not literally given by God. A real mover and shaker of conventional church rule and might be one of the more honest Illuminati archetypes. His philosophical views and writings have often attacked, based on religious beliefs by the Jews and even the Catholic Church, yet it’s easier to say that Spinoza was simply not one to believe in any religion-based God. Baruch Spinoza was a great rationalist, but all his views and philosophies ever did was create an unrest within brand name religion and piss of religious officials because it disrupted their livelihood and standard of living.

While much of his life was devoted to a new age of ethics that challenged the world and how we now embrace many of his ideals and ethical thoughts. Who hasn’t heard of one of his iconic quotes and ever wondered how much they make sense in a world that seems like it has gone mad. He was a risk taker and certainly a shaker at a time when society would not bend in his favor. Much like the idea to play slots for real money, some people view online gaming as a vice however many people are now beginning to see that online casinos have often been portrayed as some sort of internet boogeyman. Spinoza would have been proud.

Despite of this- we believe there are many other people who deserve to have a name honored in their name because of their work that has helped us shape a better future for ourselves. Here’s who could be on that list instead:

Albert Einstein SAlbert Einstein: The German-born theoretical physicist has done some great work that has shaped not just our future but also the future of many upcoming generations. He was the most celebrated scientists in the 20th century. He helped push for the Atomic Bomb, which tell you his ideas on peace and power. And don’t forget he made some pretty racist comments about the Chinese- so he can also be considered.

Indira Gandhi was the first KIndira Gandhi: Indira Gandhi was the first female Prime Minister of India and was on that designation for three consecutive terms and was until her fourth term before being assassinated by her own private guards. Besides being known for her great humanitarian works, she was clearly a Soviet sympathizer and wanted to introduce Socialism as a model for the people of India. What better way to control a nation?


William Henry Bill GatesBill Gates: William Henry Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft. Microsoft has changed everything about the world we live in. It has made the life of every human simple. His findings have started a new chapter in the world of technology. He also was a clear Sociopath that made sure every new Windows program had more internal bugs than the previous version!



Steve Jobs VSteve Jobs: Steve Jobs, the inventor and the person who played a major role in the development of Apple computers and revolutionary technologies like iPod, iPad, and MacBook. His work also a part of our future and always will be, however anything Apple produces makes it harder to get for free. Steve jobs made sure you pay the piper! We can all be proud Android users have more freedom of the internet.



Princess Diana RPrincess Diana: Diana, Princess of Wales was an iconic figure of the 20th century. She was admired and loved for her humanitarian work and the charity work. Her contribution towards the society has helped many people. She has worked for the people suffering from various diseases like AIDS and also worked hard to make the life of workers better by supporting the campaign for banning landmines. Now that she’s practically become a saint, we hope her humanitarian efforts can be sung in even more Elton John songs.